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hyper-v backup is failing

Dear Experts!

Our customer uses NW 9.0.1 and Hyper-v 2012 hosts is CSV configuration.

We set up the NMM VSS image backup, it is worked, but currently is not working.

We have to figure out what caused this error.

We starting the backup but we doesnt get any relevant information.

We set up the -D9  switch on the backup command (nsrnmmsv -D9) and we found some

interesting things:

1. case:

107092:nsrnmmsv: Version information for C:\Program Files\EMC NetWorker\nsr\bin\nsrnmmsv.exe: Original file name: nsrnmmsv.exe Version: Comments: Supporting Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Service

06/16/17 13:49:47.755820 Reverse DNS lookup failed for fe80::c8c4:4293:4c32:ec5e: No such host is known.

06/16/17 13:49:47.755820 clu_init:ENTRY

06/16/17 13:49:47.755820 calling clu_init_lc()

06/16/17 13:49:47.755820

clu_init_lc(): ENTRY...

06/16/17 13:49:47.755820

It shows that nsrnmmsv cannot resolve the ipv6 address.

The customer doesnt use ipv6 but MS said it is required when we use failover cluster.

2. case:

clu_hosts_matchbyname() comparing and cluster.dns.address


host1=, host2=hostname.dns.address

clu_hosts_matchbyname:EXIT: b_ret=0

<hostname> nsrnmmsv NSR notice 5 %s %s 2 0 24 06/16/17 13:49:59.771854 0 35 clu_hosts_matchbyname:EXIT: b_ret=0

<hostname nsrnmmsv NSR error 26 Hyper-V CSV backup failed  0

<hostname nsrnmmsv NSR error 26 Hyper-V CSV backup failed  0

It seems that host cannot resolve address as a cluster.dns.address,

but it is working well from command line.

- This setup is worked well until the customer rebooted all the hv servers.

- Hyper-v wizard is working well

We have multiple ip addresses and dns names:

- cluster dns name

- hyper-v host name

Do you have any suggestions how can we continue?

Many thanks in advance!


Pal Szabo

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