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5424 - iSCSI EQL Configuration with VLAN?

Hi to all,

we are running the following configuration since late 2008: We have 2 server rooms on two different floors. In each room we have 2 PowerConnect 5424 and one EQL PS5000. The system is completly redundant. The 2 switches in the rooms are configured identically as:

- Spanning tree enabled


- iSCSI disabled

- Flow Control enabled

- Jumbo frame enabled

- Port g17-g20 defined as LAG 1 and connected to the other local switch

- Port g21-g22 defined as LAG 2 and connected per fibre to the switch located in the other server room

The switch is handling just all of the iSCSI traffic. We are using VMWare ESX / vCenter to accessing the EQL.

What i want to do now is to seperate the iSCSI and the vMotion traffic (as recommended by VMWare). Therefore i would need two seperate VLANs (as far as i can figure out). What would be the best way to do this? I already found some hints on this forum, but there is no "Best Pratice" or something like that.

My idea:

Port 1-14 for iSCSI (10.3.33.x,

Port 15-16 for vMotion (10.3.34.x,

Port 17-20 LAG 1 (local stacking)

Port 21-22 LAG 2 () No need for communication between iSCSI / vMotion iSCSI and LAG1 should be in VLAN (10)?

vMotion in VLAN (20)?


How to configue the lag groups 1+2 to push the seperated VLAN information to the other switches? I'm a bit more familar to the configuration of our HP switches we use for the rest of our the networking and in my opinion they are a bit easier to configure for VLANs as the dell do.

Regards Bungee

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Re: 5424 - iSCSI EQL Configuration with VLAN?


First of all I want to clarify something: do you need help with VLANs and LAGs configurng or some best practice advices?

To configure trunking on LAG between switches you need:

  • enter port-channel configuration mode
  • issue switchport mode general. Dell calls general mode what other vendors name trunk mode.
  • issue switchport general allowed vlan add 10, 20 tagged. Probably you won't need it, cos all VLANs are allowed by default.
  • repeat this on other side.

As far as I understand you have square topology, it may lead to suboptimal traffic flows. It's just my observation:)

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