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SNMP OID for PowerConnect susoended interface

Hello everyone, I have really hard times to identify SNMP OID for PowerConnect switch interface, that has been suspended by the system after unsuccessfull dot1x client authentification. I have downloaded latest MIBs for PowerConnect 3548(in this case) and searched for this particular OID item. But I am not able to find anything. We use radius dot1x client authentication for workstations to authorize themselves to the network. Sometimes the auth procedure fails and particular switch interface goes down. As the client has not been authorized, interface stays automatically in suspended state (show interfaces status --> DOWN *) until it has been manually "set active". Now I want to monitor and report these suspended interfaces via our network monitoring system. Does anyone know what OID should be the proper one?
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Re: SNMP OID for PowerConnect susoended interface


Try .

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