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vlan transparent (mapping)

Hello, community. 

I have Dell S4810 switch. I need to make l2 switching with change vlan id to second vlan id. How i can do this?

In foxgate switch i can do this with config:

Interface Ethernet1/0/27
vlan-translation enable
vlan-translation 9 to 1243 out
vlan-translation 1243 to 9 in

Thank you. 

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Re: vlan transparent (mapping)


VLAN stacking is probably the closest thing to what you want to do. https://downloads.dell.com/manuals/all-products/esuprt_ser_stor_net/esuprt_networking/esuprt_net_fxd... Page 1703. Secondary VLAN with PVLAN could also be an option. Page 1300.

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