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All Internet connections are limited

Hi There,

I have problem with my laptopn internet connection. I am able to connect via WiFi however it is always limited. I have tried so many types of WiFi connection from public connection to private connection. I am not able to connect via LAN too. Please help!!


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DELL-Prajwal Sh
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RE: All Internet connections are limited


Thank you for writing to the Dell Community Forum. 

I am suspecting it could be a software issue since both wireless and wired internet connection is not working. 

Please try a system restore to a previous date when it was working fine. Please visit the following links for instructions based on your Windows operating system:

Windows 7 - http://dell.to/1O0nAHK 

Windows 8 & 8.1 - http://dell.to/1DqJYzd

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