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Dell Inspiron 15 -3521

I have this laptop and I was installing the updates, and the bluetooth driver update, one of the two updates that are available for my laptop will not install, and its because the bluetooth isn't being read as on or active, though I have been using it, and it is on. I like the updates, simply because its the best for my laptop, and I can't instaoll it.                               This pops up and since its already on, and there is no way to turn it on more than it is  I hit cancel installation. I even tried turning it off then on, turning the service off then on, and everything. I was having trouble getting the service to turn on, but I looked at my moms laptop that's just like mine, but a touchscreen, and copied what hers said, then it turned on. Please heelp, bluetooth is something that I use to send files to people that want of mine (well non personal obviously) to help them, or to entertain them, or I download things needed for my laptop on a phone with service, and bluetooth it to my laptop so that I can do things that I need. I aso go to college so I type out the paper, send it via bluetooth to the phone with service on it, and upload it online.