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Dell Latitude E4300 Wireless adapter driver issues

Hello, I was hoping maybe someone could lend a hand in helping me figure this out.

I have a Dell Latitude that I just loaded my Windows 7 operating system on. I'm having a ridiculous time getting a couple drivers to install. Most of them installed fine except for six. I was eventually able to have two drivers successfully install but my wireless still refuses to work and I know the adapter is functional. When I loaded Linux on this Latitude months ago, I was able to get the adapter working in no time with zero hassle.

It has the Intel WiMax 5150 adapter. The driver for this device was one of the two that I was able to successfully install. The other is Dell Wireless 5600 Mobile Broadband Mini-Card driver.

The four drivers that I have yet to successfully install are; Broadcom USH, Network Controller, PCI Serial Port, PCI Simple Communications Controller.

The only driver I think is important in getting the wireless to work is the Network Controller but I have searched the web with no avail at finding it. Nothing on Dell's website looks to be the right driver either. I'm stumped!

I do already have the Ethernet port working and when I remove my USB Wireless adapter, after successfully installed the Mini-Card driver, the icon on the right side of the taskbar is now the rising bars but it's X'ed out and when I click on it, it isn't finding any wireless signals.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. If there's any other information that might be needed, please ask. I want to get the wireless working.

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Re: Dell Latitude E4300 Wireless adapter driver issues

Hi John E4300.

I suspect some of the drivers are not installed. Please check if you have installed all the drivers in the order given in the below link:

Click on the link below, enter the system service tag, and click Submit. Select the Operating system from the drop down list to get the drivers for your computer:


Revert for further queries.

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RE: Dell Latitude E4300 Wireless adapter driver issues

Can't Help with WIFI, but can solve other driver issues for you. Download FREE driver software here and it will update all of your drivers. Maybe on yours the WiFi will work:


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RE: Dell Latitude E4300 Wireless adapter driver issues

Hey Raccoon Dad. Dunno if you'll ever see this given your post was in April 13 and this is being written in October 18 but your link to SlimDrivers just worked brilliantly for me and solved issues I had with a couple of E4300 drivers that just didn't want to cooperate, one of them being the wireless adapter. Thank you for your help Smiley Happy

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