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Dell latitude e5530 wireless card problem

Ok so I haven't found anyone with the same situation as me. So have a dell latitude e5530 3rd Gen i5. And this is what it is doing.

So it had windows 7. When u click the "wifi" symbol on screen to turn on wifi I would search and pick up my network and then turn off wifi off again before I even had a chance to connect.

So I upgraded to Windows 10. Then wifi worked perfectly for a few hours. And then it did the same thing. And also does it with "airplane mode" symbol on screen, as soon as u try to deactivate airplane mode it just enables it again 2 seconds later. And the same with wifi. It searches and sees my wifi but doesn't give me time to connect before it turns wifi off.

What I've tried:

Restating laptop

Disable and enable wireless card

Updated bios and other drivers.

Airplane mode switch driver installation was successful.

Wifi driver installation just fails. Can't install.

Also LAN port works fine so have internet, just doing that with the wifi.

Please if anyone can help, really need to sort it out.

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