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Failed battery and network problems


My battery failed at the weekend, i can still turn on the laptop which is an inspiron N5050 as ive took out the battery and just got it connected to the plug, however i cannot connect to any wireless networks. Is this linked to the battery failure as before it worked fine and on other devices in the household i can still connect to the wifi fine? When i turn the laptop on the wirelss light is on but as soon as the laptop loaded in windows the wireless light turns off. I can get the wireless light back on by pressing Fn and F2, but even then it does not pick up any of the wireless networks and after a couple of minutes the wireless light turns off again?

All very annoying as laptop is only just over one year old?

Many thanks


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RE: Failed battery and network problems

Hi Phil,

There is a possibility that this might be a mere coincidence as running a computer just on AC Adaptor will not hamper the wireless connectivity. For the battery issue I would suggest you to check with a known good battery (if available) and run a diagnostics on the battery using the below link:


Click on hardware, select battery and click run diagnostics

Then you may use the below link and update BIOS and network driver:

http://dell.to/18xnVaV BIOS


Select right operating system and download network driver under network tab depending upon the type of wireless card you have.

Also send me a Screenshot of device manager.

Thanks and Regards,
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RE: Failed battery and network problems

Hi Kiran,

Many thanks for your response, ive ordered a new battery so will see what happens then. Unfortunately i cant get onto the internet even if i connect via ethernet cable to my broadband hub, so currently cant run any of the diagnositics you sent over. Any ideas how to get the internet working as currently its down via both wired and wireless connections. All seems very strange as all worked fine before the battery failed?

Cheers Phil

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RE: Failed battery and network problems

Sometimes a simple reset (off - on) of your cable modem and router is all that is required.

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