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Monitor stuck in power saving mode

So I have been having this annoying problem for the past 2 days. I've searched high and low for a solution but can't seem to find one. 

So here's the problem. My monitor screen goes black or "power saving mode" when its connected via HDMI female to DVI male. The HDMI cable is connected to my laptop but here is the strange part, when I disconnect the HDMI cord from my laptop the screen comes back on..... I first encountered this problem when I connected the HDMI cable my Raspberry Pi 3 (it's a small single board computer) with the screen going black.  

First I thought it was something wrong with my RPI3 because it was after I discovered that my laptop also didn't work, so I went into the config.txt, nothing worked

I've tried turning the power off while disconnecting all the cables, nothing worked.

I've tried replacing wires and cables, nothing worked 

I don't know else to do... I searched for 2 days straight and was trouble shooting everything with no results. Maybe there's some obvious solution that I missed but that's where I need the help. Finding the solution. Also is there a way to disable the "power saving mode" through the monitor or via laptop through HDMI to DVI? I don't have a desktop computer just to rule out those options.

Lastly I have a 19inch, model number 1905FP.