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OptiPlex 360 WDS network card driver



I have a problem using Windows Deployment Services (WDS) with DELL OptiPlex 360. Here what happens:




·         I enter the BIOS and activate PXE-boot

·         I boot via PXE (F12)

·         Windows Boot Manager starts

·         Microsoft Windows Deployment Services chosen

·         Windows is loading files… (from the correct Server, Server-IP is shown)

·         Windows installer starts, instead of showing the images available it sais:

„WDS Client: An error occurred while starting networking. There was a failure while installing the network card driver for your machine…“


Windows Deployment Services are working with other images, so there is no problem with the service itself.




DELLOPTIPLEX360.WIM was created without error. I also created the folder DELLOPTIPLEX360 with the subfolders

·         $OEM$\$\Inf – Containing all the INF-Files (eg. k57win32.inf)

·         $OEM$\$1\sysprep – Containing the sysprep.inf and the subfolder DRIVERS

·         $OEM$\$1\sysprep\DRIVERS – Containing INF, CAT and SYS files of the Audio-, Chipset-, LAN-, Modem- and VGA-drivers (in subfolders)




Sysprep.inf contains the following information:



    InstallFilesPath = "\\<servername>\reminst\Images\Windows XP\DELLOPTIPLEX360\"



    AutoActivate = "yes"

    TargetPath = \WINDOWS

    UnattendSwitch = "yes"

    WaitForReboot = "No"



    ;FileSystem = LeaveAlone

    ExtendOEMPartition = 0




As network-drivers, I use the following files:

k57win32.inf, k57win32.cat, k57xp32.sys



Description:           Broadcom NetLink (TM) Gigabit Ethernet NDIS5.1 Driver.

Version: (cbuild.08042009-018,b57nd5x-main-lhdepot1106.CL-83027)

Company:               Broadcom Corporation

Product:  Broadcom NetLink (TM) Gigabit Ethernet Driver


K57win32.inf starts with:


; Copyright 2001-2009 Broadcom Corporation.


; INF for 32-bit Windows 2K, Windows XP and Windows server 2003.


; InfVersion





Signature   = "$Windows NT$"

Class       = Net

ClassGUID   = {4d36e972-e325-11ce-bfc1-08002be10318}

CatalogFile = k57win32.cat

Compatible  = 1

Provider    = %BRCM%

DriverVer   = 08/04/2009,



%BRCM% = Broadcom, NTx86.5.1



Can someone help me with that? As I said, WDS is working with other hardware, so I just guess it has got to do with the driver. I tried the one from the DELL-support-website before (the site you reach by entering the service-tag), now I use the driver from the network-chip-manufacturer (broadcom). I really have no idea about how to solve this problem. So help would be appreciated.


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Re: OptiPlex 360 WDS network card driver


OPTIPLEX 360 hardware doesn't support WINDOWS 2003 you may get error code 7 while start up of installation.

if you manually try to install as well

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RE: OptiPlex 360 WDS network card driver

i have dell optiplex 360 desktop system , i want lan drivers pls send me