Setting up/Troubleshooting a Wireless Network


Setting up/Troubleshooting a Wireless Network

Your setup should look like...


wall > modem/router > wireless router > wired/wireless


Press and hold the little reset button in the back of the wireless router for 60 seconds. This will reset the wireless router back to factory.


Plug the ethernet cable in to a numbered port of the wireless router, then run ipconfig /all

Alternate method= Hit the Windows key and the R keys at the same time. Type


hit enter. Type

ipconfig /all          (space between the g and / )

hit enter


Look for the default gateway. It should look something like or similar.


Open Internet Explorer. In the address bar, put the numbers of the default gateway in the address bar and hit enter.


You should be asked for a username and password. Try...

Username = admin

Password =  (blank) Do not put anything here and click enter or password.

but these can vary on the manufacturer. Please consult your wireless routers installation instructions for the correct information.

This is the basic username and password unless stated differently in the user manual. Please consult the user manual for the correct username and password. If you changed the username and password, then you'll need to use the correct one.

You should then see a setup screen.


Click on wireless, basic settings

Here I use Mixed mode, my network name is Virus_Farm and I use channel 11. Use the same settings except change the Network name to a new name, like Your_Network. (You cannot have any spaces)

Save settings.

Now click on Wireless security. you see...

Use WPA Personal

Enter your 13 character password when I have your13characterpassword, then click on save settings.

This will be the password needed to login to the Your_Network network.

Click on wireless mac filter and make sure it's disabled.

Save Settings and close Internet Explorer.


Power down the cable modem/router and the Linksys. Wait 60 seconds, the turn on the cable modem. Wait 15 seconds and turn on the Linksys.


_____________________________________STOP HERE__________________________________

ONLY do this is you're instructed



Make a System Restore point.


Go to Drivers & Downloads enter your service tag, select your operating system. Under Network, download the drivers for your wireless adapter and save them to your desktop.


If you went to start, control panel, device manager, then clicked on network, right clicked on the your network adapter you should see...

Left click Uninstall. Tell it to remove the drivers and software for your adapter.


Restart your computer.


After you login, the new hardware wizard will find your network adapter and install it for you. The installation may fail. Install the Network Adapter drivers you saved to your desktop.

After the network adapter is installed, the click on the bars near the clock. You should see...

Click on Your_Network. Tell it to connect automatically, check the box. Then you should then see..

Enter your 13 character password here. Then choose Home Network

Then click close.


Everything should be setup and work.


Still having Problems, please post back on the Dell Networking, Internet, Wireless Forums. Thank you.


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