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Windows 7 32bit and Dell Wireless 5530 HSPA Mini-card Network Adapter

Hello all, having a problem and wondered if anyone can help

I have a Latitude e6500 running Windows 7 Professional, 32 bit. Installed inside this I have a 5530 Mobile Broadband Card.

Before upgrading to Windows 7 I used Vista Business, and the mobile broadband card worked fine. I simply cannot get it to work in Windows 7.

According to device manager I am running the version of the driver.

I've tried installing the "Dell Mobile Broadband Manager", which reports version CXP 901 4396/11 R2G02.

Both this application and Dell Control Point Connection Manager both report "no sim" despite the sim being installed correctly.

The only way I can get it to work is using my external Vodafone USB Modem, which is also installed with the Vodafone Mobile Connect software.

Can anyone help?

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