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Windows 7 Workstation Cannot Telnet Internet Mail Server: Connect FAILED


This seems like a simple basic question and in need of a simple basic answer. I'm a bit rusty with this old networking TELNET command. I am using it as a test of connectivity from a Win 7 workstation to an internet mail server via port 110. We have a dozen identical new PC's, and this one in particular was purchased after the first few and the only one that fails to connect.
Question 1: Does Telnet open port 110 on he remote mail server to connect? Question 2: What port on the local workstation is used / opened to communicate? Question 3: What are the possible causes of Connection Failure?
Like I said, I'm a bit rusty with this basic networking test. Can someone please help explain the process of this connection test - eg, is the mail server listening to it's port 110 and waiting for a connection request? How does the mail server respond and make the connection successful? What does the workstation have to do to insure that the connection is successful? What port does the workstation use to connect?
No windows firewall, no antivirus or network security is enabled. We sit behind a netgear router and use private ip on our local domain workstations. Comcast assigns the internet IP addresses. Network Solutions should allow communication on the mail port from any ip, right?
We have tried Dell, Comcast, Network Solutions, Microsoft and 3rd party tech and have been trying to solve this dilemma since April 2013. The only thing we did not try is a new nic card or complete re-install of Win7, because it seems extreme since this communication issue is the only problem.

More info:

This pc can only telnet smtp.server 2525 and it can send emails.

Other identical pc's are successful at all and can telnet mail.server 110, smtp.server 25 and smtp.server 2525

Regards, sf

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