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XPS 16: Bluetooth suddenly stopped working

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I have an XPS Studio 16 notebook running Windows 7 64-bit.

I received a notification update for Ricoh card reader driver which I installed. Bad move. At that time I was using a Bluetooth headset and it was working perfectly. Then Bluetooth just died.

  • I did a System Restore to before the Ricoh driver installation. No change. Still no Bluetooth.
  • I restored C:\ drive from an image created 2 weeks before. Still no Bluetooth.
  • I tried re-installing the Bluetooth driver. I get a message asking me to "Activate Bluetooth using Wireless Switch".

The wireless switch is activated, wireless is working, and the Bluetooth indicator light is ON.

I now have no Bluetooth devices showing in Device Manager and no Bluetooth icon in the Notification Area.

Any ideas?

Would the Ricoh driver have made changes to firmware?

Is my Bluetooth hardware kaput?



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Re: XPS 16: Bluetooth suddenly stopped working

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After several reboots Windows updated drivers and the problem was resolved.

Beats me.