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Hi, Since the new update I have been unable to review old posts I started or replied to. I have around 600 posts and used to be able to revisit them. Can anyone tell me how to get to them or are they gone. When I discovered the forum had changed it gave you the oppurtunity to move or save your posts from the older forum but when I tried I was unable to do so. Also this forum keeps spitting out my login as incorrect but eventually I do manage to succeed. Thanks


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The Old Forum is supposed to be gone, however I was just there today. Seach does NOT work very well. You might be lucky if you can click on your username and find them that way.


Good Luck.


If you had them bookmarked, then change the www to old and you hould be able to get there quicker. Getem fast.




What is a Dell Service Tag and how do I locate it? 

Original poster, If you have solved your problem, can you please mark the correct thread(s) with your solution. Thanks 

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Welcome to the land of the lost.  With the exceptions of posts made during the transition week all of the posts from the old forum are here in this forum.  The trick is finding them.  Due to a restructuring of the new forum we don't have as many sub forums as we had in the old forum so a large number of threads have been moved to a new sub forum.  The old "Laptop - Hard Drives" posts have been integrated into "Disk Drives".  Add to this confusion the fact that we also have a new URL which further confounds things.  Finally, with a less than optimal Search Function it makes for finding old posts difficult at best.  All you can do is try using the search feature to find them.  The trick to this new Seach is to do a broad search then do a more detailed search within the first results.  It isn't pretty, but it does seem to be working for some. 

Good Luck and Good Searching.

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Thanks for the replys, I am unable to bring up the old forum, but I did as suggested and used my user name and "old posts" and there they are. The dates are all scrambled and the site is incredibaly slow for me.(only have dial-up here in the sticks). No spellcheck without downloading one, it's near 2mb. The layout of this form must have been designed by a evil genius. Thanks again Lee

Dell 2350, 768mb ram, 60gig hardrive,Maxtor 250gig external drive, zone alarm free version 7.0.483, Avg 7.5, IE 6

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