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Vista 64 bit

I have a new xps420 that I got three weeks ago and it has Vista 32 bit, I would like to go to the 64 bit version

 I have only put on this system Flightsimulator  x, Screen shot deluxe 8 . i also got a new at&t modem plus a new hp printer

I have the 64 bit disk that I got from Dell, Would any one know where I could get instructions  for  installing the 64 bit

 on this computer, I know I would have to do a clean install but I am unsure about how to go about adding the drivers

 How they go in rotation..and how many they are.. thanking you in advance.( I have vista Premiun)


 Bob Moyer




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Re: Vista 64 bit

Hi Robert, Dug this out for you here,

NOTE: It is recommended, for optimized performance, that you install the hardware drivers in the following order:
  • Desktop System Software

  • Chipset or SMBus driver

  • Processor Driver (if applicable)

  • Video

  • Audio (sound)

  • Input Drivers (keyboard/mouse)

  • Modem (Desktop computers have a separate CD for the modem)

  • Network Card

  • You can find your manual by copy and paste this link into your web brouser, below,

  • http://support.euro.dell.com/support/edocs/systems/xps420/en/OM/HTML/trouble.htm#wp1097426

    Make sure you have all the drivers on a disc, before you start.


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    Re: Vista 64 bit

    Thank you so very much,have a great week end


    Bob Moyer

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