Troubles with SCOM 2016 and DellDeviceHelper

Hi Guys,

I'm trying to get the SCOM mp up and running.
However. For the CMC it isn't working.
I've created the Run As Account als simple authentication and added it to the Dell CMC Login Account Run As Profile and targeted it to the SCOM management servers.

The only thing I get is the following in the log files:

12-01-2017 08:22:43:4727 ----- Method Call Intitalization Time Stamp ----
12-01-2017 08:22:43:8942 ----- Error occurance Time Stamp ----
12-01-2017 08:22:43:9098 ----- Info Details: IP= Profile Name= cimv2/DCIM_ControllerView SkipCACheck Value= True SkipCNCheck Value= True SkipRevocationCheck Value= True Encoding= UTF-8 User Name= s_scom
12-01-2017 08:22:43:9098 ----- Message: The WS-Management service cannot process the request. The resource URI is missing or it has an incorrect format. Check the documentation or use the following command for information on how to construct a resource URI: "winrm help uris".
12-01-2017 08:22:43:9098 ----- Stack Trace Info: at WSManAutomation.IWSManSession.Enumerate(Object resourceUri, String filter, String dialect, Int32 flags)
at OOBHelper.Wsman.GetProfileDictionary()
---- Session Error ---<s:Fault xmlns:s="www.w3.org/.../soap-envelope" xmlns:wsman="schemas.dmtf.org/.../s:Code><s:Reason><s:Text xml:lang="en">Class not found</s:Text></s:Reason><sSmiley Very Happyetail><wsman:FaultDetail>schemas.dmtf.org/.../s:Fault>
----End of Session Error Message --
12-01-2017 08:22:43:9098 ----- End of error info ----

Does anyone have any idea what this could be and how to solve it?

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