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7050, BIOS upgrade with command line parameters

Hi experts,

I am trying to deploy a BIOS upgrade to Optiplex 7050 computers using a deploy software (PDQ Deploy).

So I need to know the parameters for the silent install and setup password. The file I want to deploy is: OptiPlex_7050_1.9.2.exe

I found this old article in (year 2013):


Utilizing The Recommended Windows Switches

Below is an example output from the Latitude E6520 BIOS executable “E6520A05.exe”.
General usage:

Typical Syntax: Filename.exe [/<option1>[=<value1>]] [/<option2>[=<value2>]]
Option - Description:
(none) - Display of graphical user interface for guided update.
/? or /h - Displays this Dell System BIOS Update usage information.
/s - Suppresses all graphical user interfaces of the BIOS System BIOS Update.
/l= - Define a specific path for the Dell System BIOS Update log file.
/f - Override a soft dependency error returned from the Dell System BIOS Update. NOTE: Requires /s option.
/r - Reboot the system to complete the update. NOTE: Requires /s option.
/p= - Provide the BIOS password (if needed) to perform the BIOS update.

Update the system silently: Filename.exe /s
Change from the default log location (example target path: C:\my path with spaces\log.txt)
Filename.exe /l=”C:\my path with spaces\log.txt”
Force update to continue (even on “soft” qualification errors): Filename.exe /s /f"

It seems that these parameters are not working any more.

Any ideas or solution?

Thank you very much,




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Re: 7050, BIOS upgrade with command line parameters


Hi Mr.Clinker,

Apologies for the delayed response. If you run the file from a CMD window (run as administrator) and use /? after the .exe file name it will give you the list of available switch options (OptiPlex_7050_1.9.2.exe /?)

You should see something like this:

bios switches.png






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