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Dell optiplex gx520 GPU upgrade

Hi I own a dell optiplex gx520 and id like to upgrade the GPU for gaming (around 1GB) I know it’s not a gaming orianted game but I’d want to. I also want to know what cpu I can upgrade to?

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Re: Dell optiplex gx520 GPU upgrade

You will want to update to a 620.

The 520 has 2 ram slots removed and has the X16 video slot removed.

This means you cant update the GPU.

Max CPU is Pentium D 915  with BIOS A11.

You will want a TOWER version.

Once you have a Tower you can upgrade to Pentium D945 to D960.

You can also use a short version of GT 1030 or GTX 1050TI for the video.

RADEON R series cards DO NOT WORK in this model.

The most you can do depends on what Size you have.

The Tower has full size slots and 305W power supply.

The smaller units only have 250W power and low profile slots. All 520's have ZERO pci-e X16 slots.

Pentium D 915 chips are not expensive.

You will however need to UPDATE the BIOS to A11 BEFORE changing.

Once updated the System will also take 2 GIG DDR2 Dimms.

The reason I advise against all of this is because the GX620 I listed has 4 gigs of ram already and can be updated with an X16 PCI-E video card.



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