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using Dell SupportAssist confusing

I purchased a used OptiPlex 7010 model year 2013 ... the warranty is void.
the intention is to install windows 10 pro, and use Dell SupportAssist for missing updates.
Can it succeed like that? Is there a charge for Dell SupportAssist in this case.Any cost???

Manual downloads from the Dell site are too confusing because the version numbers are similar to those on the motherboard, such as the Intel Chipset Driver Version, A00 and A00 can be found on the processor fan.
is, A00 and is A00 just an idiotic coincidence in Dell Command Update for Win32 3.1.0, A00 also?

and driver Intel (R) Management Engine Components Installer - vPro and Intel Management Engine Components Installer who knows two two almost the same except vPro whatever it means. Do i need both?

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Re: using Dell SupportAssist confusing

For a machine that old, all you need from Dell is Bios updates. Get caught-up and you are done.

I suggest you also skip things like Intel-RST.

Windows-10 64bit clean-install should toss you all the drivers you need.
If you have a newer video card, drop-by or and get a recent WHQL video-driver.

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