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Disk space utilization MAXED

Hello, I have a poweredge r815 - suddenly the disk space usage began maxing out. every windows boot, every action. literally any action maxes out the disk space use. i have tried reinstalling windows, alternate hdds but issue persists. wanted to run a diagnostic on perc h700 but not sure how. cant determine where the issue is. 

Somebody please help me

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Run TreeSizeFree (as administrator) to see where the space is being used. If you don't know where the space is being used, then you can't fix it. This won't be a PERC issue. When did it start? What are the volumes / partitions and sizes? Which is full?

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There is plenty of available disk space. I am referring to utilization. Any action /click maxes disk usage out to 100%. 

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Ok, because you said: "suddenly the disk space usage began maxing out" and reinforced by saying "any action maxes out the disk space use" ... given the punctuation and grammar, "disk space" seemed obvious as the problem.

Disk usage is indeed a different thing altogether. You said this started "suddenly" ... were there OS updates? Updated hardware? Out-of-date hardware / firmware and/or drivers? Drives added or replaced? Did a drive fail? Are these drives you installed / set up, or are they installed still from the factory? Failed RAID battery? In Resource Monitor, what does it show as the highest disk usage? Have you checked the Event Viewer for applications or system errors that could account for the disk usage?

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apologize for confusion. so resource monitor highest culprit changes, like it could be anything... chrome, vlc, file explorer etc. whenever u first execute the disk usage maxes out. evenutally it subsides, but next action maxed out again. i ran bios / fw updates. reinstalled windows. replaced hdd. not sure how to check for failed raid battery or what to look for in event viewer. doesnt dell have any diagnostic utilities ? can seem to get into omsa either... 


Hi, could you boot on safe mode to find what is the cause that takes up the disk space- Or it could be simply that your disk free space is way too small to start with.

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Filter Category for "diagnostics".

OMSA (if you can get in - or DSET for a snapshot) should tell you the status of the RAID battery.

Event Viewer - any errors that stand out to you - services, dll's, drivers, etc.

What make / model of disks are you using?

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I've been trying to get into omsa unsuccessfully unfortunately. I don't see anything stand out in event viewer.. These are Toshiba mfc2600 hdd. Was working fine then started with this high hdd utilization. Can't run hdd diag bc all the utilities see is the perc h700


Hi, I couldn't see Toshiba mfc2600 for R815. Can you share dell part number of harddrives?

Please log in as local administrator to OMSA.(using the account that was used to install OMSA (administrator)

for OMSA login issue you can check below article https://dell.to/3PD1oqk


In the OMSA installed environment, OMSA operation may be unstable. For example, some information such as storage information may not be displayed on the OMSA, or OMSA may not open.
Also, after replacing a disk, the yellow exclamation icon may be displayed on the backplane or predictive failure may not be cleared.

In this case, restarting OMSA services may be valid for troubleshooting. Also, if the OMSA does not open, changing URL to the hostname (https://dell.to/3NyBxOA) may be valid for troubleshooting.
This article provides how to restart services.

If the issue is not solved after restarting OMSA services, please contact Dell Technical Support.


Steps for Windows

  1. Press Windows+R key to open the Run window and enter "services.msc".

  2. On the Services screen, check the following OMSA services are on the list.

    • DSM SA Connection Service
    • DSM SA Data Manager
    • DSM SA Event Manager
    • DSM SA Shared Services
  3. Right-click each service name and select Restart from the displayed menu.
    There is no specific order to restart.


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