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Hard drive brackets for PE 2600 media bay


I'm just curious does the hard drive that get installed on the media bay use the same brackets/disk caddy/disk carrier like if it were installed on the 1X6 backplane?

I'm asking this because I'm buying a new PE 2600, and currently I have two Maxtor SCSI 80 pins from Dell that I'm not using , and I'm planning to use them in the media bay on this new PE2600 with RAID 1.


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Re: Hard drive brackets for PE 2600 media bay



  The PE2600 offers an optional media bay 1x2 hot plug drive cage assy that allows the use of the same 80 pin drives and carriers as the main drive bay. You may specify this cage assy at the time of ordering the system, or call after the fact to order the customer kit SKU# 340-7484 from new parts sales.

For spare parts the following parts are listed:

  HD carrier assy, P/N 9D988

screw for mounting the HD into the carriers P/N 1213C need 4 per carrier

 P/N 6T963  CUS,CAGE,HD,BAY,1X2,P2600 (this is the whole kit and cables, except for drives and carriers)

external media bay HD cage assy P/N D0104 OR  P/N D1737 (interchangeable)

68 pin SCSI cable planer to 1x2 bay   P/N 5G749 or 68 pin cable PCI RAID to 1x2 BP P/N 39DMM

power cable for the 1x2 BP assy 6M427

Embedded server management cable P/N 8X316



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