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Having problems installing a hitachi desktar 120gb hard drive to a Dell Power Edge 1400, please help!

I have been asked to install a 120gb hard drive into the Power egde server we have as an extra storage drive, we are a graphics company so we need storage space, when I opened the server and placed the hard drive into the bay, plugged in the cords the one cord would not reach to the back of the new hard drive. The cord is the grey wide flat cord with the wires running through it, also I did not see anything telling me how to place the jumpers. If anyone could please tell me the proper procedure to get this hard drive installed and if I need to purchase a new cable for inside the cpu I would owe you one.  We need to get this hard drive installed ASAP, if anyone could please help me I would greatly appreciate it. Thank You for your time.

Thank You

Kelly Murray

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