PERC h710 + 4TB + 6gbps + non Dell drives

Have a T7500, and I need 4xSAS + 5xSATA. (2xSATA II internal disk + DVD

and 3xSATA III 4TB in a cabinet in the 5,25" bays)

Two SAS disks will be RAID 0.

One of the SAS units is a tape streamer.

Only have 7 ports. Need two more and maybe a mSATA card.

Thinking of a H710 but does this work with 4TB disks?

Boot disk will be 2TB.

The SAS disks are all 600 GB HGS-HUS156060VLS60.

Two original Dell, the third is branded HP.

Will I still get error messages just because of the HP brand?

Will I see any performance improvement over the PERC 6/iR on the SAS disks

when running Linux?

Best Regards,

Le Cardinal

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RE: PERC h710 + 4TB + 6gbps + non Dell drives

Sounds like a mess to me ... what are you doing with it?

Technically, the H710 controller is capable of using >2TB physical disks, but using non-Dell disks leaves you open to compatibility issues, and using non-enterprise disks will most likely lead to some sort of issues (if you plan to use cheap/consumer/desktop drives).

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RE: PERC h710 + 4TB + 6gbps + non Dell drives

It is a personal workstation for building Embedded Linux and Backup Hot Storage.

Disk 1 (2 TB WD Black SATA III) Dual Boot Win 7/Ubuntu /root + /home

Disk 2 (600 GB SAS/15K) ~/projects

Disk 3+4 (2 x 600 GB SAS/15K. : RAID 0) Temporary directories for builds

Disk 5-7 (3 x 4 TB WD Red SATA III) Rsync from NAS, Laptops etc, Bulk Storage

DVD or BluRay (SATA) Whatever

Ultrium LTO-4 (SAS) Long Term Backup

I am the only user, but I have 2 x (X5670 + 24 GB) and all 24 threads will be busy in the normal

case accessing the project/build disks when building Embedded Linux.

Access mix to the project disk is mostly reads.

Access mix to the build disk s mix of read/write

SSDs are a no-no, since testing show that they die after ~6 months when using the build system.

Anything in the RAID area is temporary only, so I do not care if a disk is broken.

If the H710 cannot handle this, then it is a piece.

The question is, will it handle 4TB disks, and will the controller still generate unsubstantiated error messages,

just because it is not in a list of disks.

it is perfectly OK, to warn once when the disk is installed.

Warning once every 10 minutes about "possible" problems is totally unacceptable.

Any $100 motherboard will handle a WD Red, and the SATA ports of the T7500 accepts

the 4TB Red, without generating error messages, but is only 3 Gbps.

If there are "issues", then the H710 is buggy.

Best Regards,

Le Cardinal

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RE: PERC h710 + 4TB + 6gbps + non Dell drives

"If the H710 cannot handle this, then it is a piece"

Handle what?  4TB drives?  It will, but the Reds may give you issues - their firmware won't be tuned to respond properly to the PERC commands.  It will ALWAYS give you a warning in the controller log regarding not being a certified drive, but that is the only place you will see the warning, and it will not "lock out" the drive because it is not certified.  Controllers have dozens of settings that can be tweaked by manufacturers (and ALL manufacturers tweak them), and if the drive firmware specs do not align with the controller specs, there "can" be communication issues.  If you are buying a controller anyway, buy a generic LSI whose settings are a little more lax and may play better with the Reds - better yet, get the WD RE - they have been tested and designed to work not only on the PERC H710, but also on the generic LSI controllers.  WD makes no guarantee on the Reds on enterprise RAID controllers - of any make.


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