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SAS Cable B missing/misconfigured --- UCS-61 --- PowerEdge 2900


I'm a french engineering student, and I just acquired a Dell PowerEdge 2900 with a UCS-61 controller.


When the system boot, it stops at :

Baseboard Management Controller Revision 1.27
Primary Backplane Firmware Revision 1.00

SAS Cable B missing/ misconfigured
Power down the system and connect the cable correctly. Details for storage cabling can be found on the system information label and in the Hardware Owner's Manual.
Strike the F1 key to continue, F2 to run the setup utility.

I din't plug any cable on SAS B port because I don't want to use it. Is it possible to deactivate port B or to ignore this error ?

When I press f1, the normal boot proccess will continue with all hard drives detected. I just want to remove this annoying step !

Try to solve but failed

Moreover, I tried to plug a second cable, in order to remove this error, with a SAS hard drive plugged. Didn't work, same error again, but the hard drive was detected by my system !

Last but not least, when I swap SAS Cable A and SAS Cable B, the error message is now prompted for SAS Cable A. So, I suppose that my backplane SAS cable is fully working with this card but the other cable or nothing doesn't work.

When I want to access to my card BIOS with CTRL+R, it does nothing.
When I want to access SAS configuration with CTRL+C, everything is OK but no option for BIOS error.

Some pictures

You can see more pictures here : https://plus.google.com/photos/117768728396185370301/albums/6049270515917711937?authkey=CLPy5tny4bHR...

Thanks by advance for your help

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RE: SAS Cable B missing/misconfigured --- UCS-61 --- PowerEdge 2900


What you will need to do to handle the SAS B cable error is this:

  1. Reseat all SAS cables connecting the hard drives, backplane, and SAS or SAS PERC controller card.

  2. Inspect the backplane, controller card, cable connectors and the entire length of the cables for damage. Let me know if you find any. This is to include the portconnection being pulled away from the board.

  3. If no damage is found, replace the SAS cable referenced inthe error message.

 Let me know what you find as a result.

Chris Hawk

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RE: SAS Cable B missing/misconfigured --- UCS-61 --- PowerEdge 2900

First, thanks a lot for your answer !

1) I tried every possible combinations, many times. I tried to plug one SAS cable, both, the other one, on port A, or B, swap, etc.

2) I didn't see any damage but the second cable (not to the backplane, but to the single hard drive, plugged on port B - blue one on pictures) was bought used. They are all perfectly plugged to the backplane, hard drive & card.

3) Could you recommend a specifical reference of your cable ? I read some post on the community board which says "Our cables can be a little eccentric between models." : http://en.community.dell.com/support-forums/servers/f/906/t/19462828.aspx

4) In fact, I don't want to plug a cable on port B, I just want to leave it empty. So, i just want to ignore this message

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