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SAS cable disconnect error messages R620

I have 2 x R620 servers with ESXi installed. 

I replaced embedded RAID card with external RAID card and connected cables from HDD backplane to this card. 

So, onboard SAS connectors are unplugged, SAS cables connected to external RAID card.

I don't see any error messages not in DRAC, not in BIOS not during system boot.

But all the time I am receiving error alert on my ESXi about server hardware health that looks the next:

ID                 Sensors                                    Status Reading SEL entries    Categories Last updated Disk Drive Bay 1 Cable SAS A 0 Alert         2           0                Storage 04.05.2020, 11:33:42 Disk Drive Bay 1 Cable SAS B 0 Alert         2           0                Storage 04.05.2020, 11:33:42
How may I disable these error messages that has no sense?
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Re: SAS cable disconnect error messages R620

Without knowing the ESXi version you're working with, the best recommendations I could make would be to reset the alarm. I'd also recommend checking the Lifecycle log to see if this message is being generated there. I expect that it likely is, and if that's the case, you'll need to either ignore the message or move to a supported hardware configuration. 

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