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T130 H330 2x SAS HDD RAID1 to non-raid conversion

I have T130 with H330 and two SAS disk in RAID1, managed in BIOS controller configuration tools. Unfortunatelly too late I have found, H330 does not have cache, so it runs pretty slowly with my MS SQL database. I would like to try brake the mirror and use these two disks as non-raid in controller and I will try to assemble the swRAID1 in Windows Server. Question: is it possible to convert RAID1 disks with 2 virtual disks to non-raid without loosing data? Generally there should be no problem, but I cannot find the way. Thanks.
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Re: T130 H330 2x SAS HDD RAID1 to non-raid conversion


No, I'm not aware of a way to go from RAID 1 to non-RAID without data loss. You can review the controller manual for information about reconfigure options.


I would not expect a performance increase with software RAID from the operating system. I suggest looking into getting an H730 controller. If you have a lot of sustained writes that may use up available cache then you may want to get the H730P, it has more cache. If you upgrade to an H730 then it should be a simple process. After swapping controllers the virtual disk should be detected as foreign. You can import the foreign configuration and the system should be usable within a few seconds. Supported controllers should be listed on our PERC page.



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