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Updating PERC4 to Win2k Driver

We have a PowerEdge2600 with Perc4/Di Controller.

As our first Domain Controller, we first installed Windows NT 4, promoted it to PDC and upgraded to Windows 2000 Server.

It works fine, but on Device Manager it shows CERC ATA100/4ch; PERC4 Series/ PREC3 Series; PERC2 Series Windows NT Driver. I can't update it to the driver that came with the server or any driver I find at Support.Dell.Com.

I also get a "RAID Controller" at Other Devices. It is at Bus 8, Device 8, i.e, it is the Perc4 Controller (it shows this address during the boot).

Did anybody have this kind of situation? What I have to do to correct this? Or is it ok to let as is?

My server seems to work fine .

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Oliver Trowman
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Re: Updating PERC4 to Win2k Driver

I think this is what you are looking for - it updates the w2k drivers to version 5.42 - there's instructions with it, so should be OK - might want to check with Dell Tech support first!!


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