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Can someone help me identify this "Dell" Server?

OK. I've been a Dell user for over 12 years now. But I'm stumped.

I bought an advertised "Dell 2.88Ghz Xeon Server" from an online retailer (not, obviously, Dell...). Just received the 1U server. It is clearly marked "Dell" on the front panel. It clearly has a Dell splash screen on boot. But there are NO further identifying marks. There's a service tag on an adhesive sticker, but according to Dell.com, that tag is a network switch, not a server!! There's a UL certification sticker on the top, but that says "Dell", then on the next line, "Model F1DH". There is NO Express code anywhere on the box. The server is a 1U, Dual quad core E5440 Xeon with 16GB of ram and 4x 250 SATA hot swaps. The only raid is an LSI fakeraid (soft raid). The AMIBios states that it's a Dell S58S.

The only Dell-like identifier is a small Dell part number bar code sticker with a CN part number that has the same format as a normal Dell # - if I run the "Find my service tag" from the dell.com support site, the CN  number is what comes up as the service tag (which, obviously, doesn't work to solve anything). Dell phone support was clueless as to what it was without a "proper" service tag. The server runs 2003 x64 fine, but with all third-party drivers (chipset and NIC from Intel, LSI MegaRaid direct from LSI site). The BIOS is dated 2/4/08, but Windows 2008 won't load on it, I get the STOP A7 "BIOS not ACPI compliant, please upgrade via vendor" error.

So, I'm attempting to update the BIOS in order for the otherwise very capable server to fire up 2k8, but I'm at a real loss here. Anyone care to shed any light on this for me? I can send pictures of any part of the box if that would help identify it, or any part numbers or pictures from inside the machine as well.

Apparently we're not allowed to post part numbers or service tags, but I can provide those via private email if anyone can help me figure this out.

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This does look like a very unusual configuration. I've had a pretty comprehensive look on the net and there actually seems to be a lot of these machines floating around. For example, it's even on Amazon:


However, none reveal a model number, or whether Dell even calls this a "Poweredge". Dell does however do custom builds for large orders, which is what might have happened here. Perhaps a Dell server rep can shed some more light on this mystery?

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Different e-tailer, but this is the exact same model we purchased.  Again, the only identifier is "Dell Model F1DH" which returns nothing on the dell site, plus a service tag that points back to a network switch.  It's a good server, I just find it hard to believe that something that has a BIOS Build date of 2/2008 can't boot Server 2008...

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HWINFO, reads make ,model etc….




Reads mobo info




Look on mobo, white label, likely outer edge, for a part number

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Awesome sites, thanks for the recommendation.  Couldn't get EITHER program's report to load up as an attachment for this forum site, so here goes:




There are two files uploaded, one from hwinfo32 and one from Sandra.  The MB part # is included, that is a QTF number that appears on a barcoded sticker directly on the mainboard (search for Mainboard in the files and you'll see it).  It also has the tag, but since I can't post it here, it's actually GOLF ZEBRA KILO LIMA KILO FOXTROT ONE.  :)  Mainboard is identified as a "Dell S58S".  Very ...unique server.  Thanks in advance for any help...

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Very strange, shame Dell does not have motherboard pics to match by sight. Odd that a Dell switch is referenced

I googled     dell poweredge motherboard picture   , there are an awful lot of pics to go through



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By looking at the logs you posted the service tag shows as a Cloud Compute Node.  I will continue to look into this to see if we can find the right drivers for you.  Just to make sure you can start a private conversation with my by going to my profile and clicking send a message on the left.  Please let me know the service tag (to confirm i have the right one) and where you purchased the system.



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Have you tried to pull DSET log from your system?

DSET will try to obtain information about which servermodel you are running it on.

Atleast it will be easyer for a Dell representive to read all the information out of a DSET log, so they can identify it easyer.


Hope it helps.

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