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Cannot Rebuild RAID10 in PowerEdge R415 PERC H200

Hello. I have a PowerEdge R415 and my disk 1 of my 4 disk array in a RAID10 controlled by PERC H200 failed. I am unable to boot to Windows Server. I bought an exact replacement, albeit a "refurbished" one, (same manufacturer, model number, and capacity) then I switched out the failed drive. However, the RAID did not start rebuilding itself automatically. Below are the troubleshooting steps that I have taken thus far:

  • Entered the Configuration Utility and ensured the physical disk is enumerated the SAS topology. The controller detects the physical disk but does not give me any option to rebuild the RAID or set it as a global hot spare (all these options are grayed out).
  • Ran Lifecycle Controller > Hardware Diagnostics on the 3 old and 1 replacement disk. All disks passed.
  • Updated BIOS to V2.3.0 and PERC H200 to V07.03.06.00
  • Used KillDisk to completely clear the physical disk of any foreign configurations.
  • Booted into CentOS 7 via CD in an attempt to use command line Dell OpenManage. Used the following commands and receive the following results:
    • omreport storage pdisk controller=0 (link to ghostbin)
      • Shows disk 0 is in "Rebuilding" state and disk 1 (the replacement) is "Ready"
    • omconfig storage controller action=clearforeignconfig controller=0
      • Operation not supported. Read, action=clearforeignconfig
    • omconfig storage pdisk action=assignglobalhotspare controller=0 pdisk=0:0:1 assign=yes
      • Operation disabled. Read, action=assignglobalhotspare assign=yes
    • omconfig storage pdisk action=rebuild controller=0 pdisk=0:0:1
      • Operation not supported. Read, action=rebuild

I am unsure of where to go from here. I would strongly prefer to preserve my data. Unfortunately, I have no backups. Any ideas?

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Re: Cannot Rebuild RAID10 in PowerEdge R415 PERC H200


Does it still boot to the installed OS off of PD 0? The steps you have done are all correct, so it may be an issue with array corruption.

Josh Craig
Dell EMC Enterprise Support Services
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Re: Cannot Rebuild RAID10 in PowerEdge R415 PERC H200


No it does not book to the installed OS off of PD 0. Am I out of luck if so?

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