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Compatible processor for R430


Could anyone kindly confirm if the E5-2699v4 is compatible with the R430? The manual would indicate that any E5-26xxv4 would work.

Wondering if I can upgrade an R430 to use 2x E5-2699v4 processors.

Thank you in advance.

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Hi Gavin,


I looked through the validated parts list, but the E5-2699v4 wasn't listed. A number of other 26xxv4s were, but not that specific one. It looks like the 2699 has a marginally higher TDP rating, but other specs are very similar. Based on this, I wouldn't be surprised if the 2699v4 works just fine, I just don't see it as validated.



Thank you for your reply. But that's an expensive 'try it out see if it works' approach though.

Could you share what it the highest/most powerful processor of the E5-26xx v4 family that *is* validated? Or could you share the list?

Thank you.




Unfortunately there is no list to let you view, neither for us too. We'll have to do a search on it. What was listed is: 



Intel, 2.2GHz, 50MB, FSB 9600MHz, 135W, Xeon E5-2698V4, Broadwell, Server, Bare Processor, B0 

Intel, 2.1GHz, 45MB, FSB 9600MHz, 120W, Xeon E5-2695V4, Broadwell, Server, Bare Processor, B0

Intel, 2.6GHz, 35MB, FSB 9600MHz, 135W, Xeon E5-2690V4, Broadwell, Server, Bare Processor, M0 




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DID work?


I never tried it as it was a too expensive 'test', I settled for using the E5-2698v4 which works just fine. I have seen servers listed with the E5-2699v4 so I am assuming it does work, but I never tried it.

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