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Dell r620 gpu officially supported?

Hi, I am going to buy a Dell r620 with 64gb of ram and two e5 2670 cpu I am new to the it world so I want to make right decisions. I want to use this server to work whit autocad and play games, so I was thinking if I can add a GTX or Quadro card to the server. I ve read that the dell r620 dosen't support gpu, and this was listed wrong in the manual. The quadro card will be one of the "supported" gpus, and the GTX will be a 1060 low profile. I have the server with 3x pcie 16x low profile. I have also read that the virtualization is only supported by quadro cards Thanks for the help Have a great day Nicolo' Gentili
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Re: Dell r620 gpu officially supported?

I would encourage you to look at a workstation, as opposed to a server, for these workloads. I can't find any indication that any video cards were validated for use with the server. The server would also need a GPU enablement kit to help provide the necessary power for these cards, which I'm also not seeing for the R620 model.

The T620 did support a few Teslas, Quadros, and FirePros. I'd still recommend you not get a server for what you're looking to do, though. I've seen a number of situations where GTX cards and some Quadro cards kept servers from POSTing. A similarly aged workstation will have the same basic technology, but be more friendly to what you want to do. 

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