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GPU install in a R730xd


Dell R730XD technical manual (page 22) talks about internal GPU support. It specifically says that GPU's are not supported on the R730xd. I've looked at the GPU support matrix as well. Here is my question. I'm not asking if this particular configuration is *supported*, I'm asking will it *work*.

I want to put an NVIDIA Quadro P2000 into an available PCIe slot on a PowerEdge R730xd. The P2000 does not require additional power connectors, it pulls all its power directly from the PCIe bus. The R730xd has physical room for the GPU, would have a sufficient power supply, and would be running Windows Server 2016. Will this work?

Second question, Page 22 of that same document mentions that GPU restrictions are enforced in the 'order validator' requiring (2) processors, and (2) 1100 watt power supplies. Are these just during the order process? Or is there some kind of actual BIOS restrictions in place for GPU's to work if you don't have 2 processors and/or 2 1100 watt power supplies?

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It will not be blocked from functioning, if that is what you are asking. The system does not block unsupported GPU configurations. If the GPU causes any issues then it may produce errors or may not function correctly. It may also cause issues with other components in the system.


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Did this ever work for you?  I’m thinking of the doing the same thing.   Looking for thoughts before I plunk down on a new r730xd and a gpu


@ShawnG2019 @lanman9000 
Did this work for you?


This works. I run Unraid with a Plex Docker that uses the P2000.


Thats exactly why i was wanting to do this configuration, i suspect OP is doing the same

My Plex is currently in  computer tower

Ive got 128GB of DDR4 server ram sitting around and 10 12TB HDDs

figured I could rack mount a 730XD slap a P2000 in it and roll with it



officially no GPU are supported on 730XD, we doesn't have the chance to test it, so i cannot confirm it.



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When you guys got the GPUs installed and running did the cooling fans go crazy because the system detected an unsupported GPU or did they actually call down after a little after boot?

I tried installed Quadro RTX 4000 but the cooling fans would run full bore all the time which is annoying and not acceptable for where I have i

So curious if I go and buy a p2000 or p2200 or 2070/3070 if they will work and the systems will run normal without the increased fan speed sure to unsupported GPU being detecte



Which DELL BIOS version were you running when the fans went crazy with an unknown card?


I don't speak English, I'm using translation tools to communicate with you.


I'm having the same problem as you now, did you solve the problem, does the GPU work on it?

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