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Lifecycle Controller is in Recovery Mode and is disabled

The Lifecycle controller is in Recovery Mode and is disabled. To enable Lifecycle Controller" 1. Open the System Setup page by pressing (F2) during startup 2. Click iDRAC settings 3. Save changes and restart the server. However the keyboard is disabled once it reaches this area during startup.
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Try opening an SSH session to the iDRAC and then running the following two commands to turn the LCC off, then beck on.

$ racadm set LifecycleController.LCAttributes.LifecycleControllerState 0
$ racadm set LifecycleController.LCAttributes.LifecycleControllerState 1

 LCC state 2 is for recovery mode. I've used this method a few times to get the LCC back to normal.


Can this be done in the iDrac GUI?  Or can you at least verify if it's in recovery mode or disabled or anything from the iDrac GUI?

I don't believe so, no. If there is, I'm not aware of it. 


That having been said, do you have a server model you're concerned about? I can see if I have one in our lab and see if I find anything.


I tried to use OMEnt to puh out iDrac updates to a bunch of servers today and a number of them came back with the error about the LCC being disabled or in recovery. They aren't servers that can be rebooted at will so I was hoping there was something I coudl do without having to reboot.

They are mostly R640s and R620s.

I'll try updating the drac manually instead of through OMEnt and see if that works or not.


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