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PowerEdge 2950 server failure - E1000 FAILSAFE,CALL SUPPORT E1218,PCI Rsr 5v PwrGd


Can anyone advise how to resolve this issue when the error below happens on the LCD ?


E1218,PCI Rsr 5v PwrGd

What needs to be replaced ?

Can I reboot the server to get it working while trying to find a solution ?

How long can the server be working as I plan a solution / purchase hardware for this issue ?

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The issue you are seeing is due to a problem with either the motherboard, riser, or a PCI card in that riser. To start troubleshooting which one, take the server down to the minimum hardware required to POST. That is removing everything in the server but the folowing;

  • System board
  • Processor (with heatsink) in socket 1
  • Two sticks of memory in memory slots 1 and 2
  • 1 power supply
  • Control panel (to turn on system)
  • Sideplane
  • Both PCI risers; PCI-e in center slot, (PCI-e or PCI-X) in left slot  

When you power off to do this, please reseat both risers. Be certain to remove the PCI cards from the risers as well. This will tell us if the issue was one of the cards in the riser. If we still get the error, when we power up, we know it is down to either the motherboard or riser. 

Do you happen to have another 2950, with a matching set of risers, that we can test the server with known good risers?

Likely the server is down until we replace whatever hardware is causing the issue, but we will have to see if reseating anything resolves.

Let me know what you find. 

Chris Hawk
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I know this is an old post, but this might be useful for anyone stumbling across this in the future.  I had the same error codes as the original poster.  Upon examination of the PCI riser card I discovered an obviously compromised capacitor (picture below).  I'm pretty confident this is the source of the issue.




We just had this issue and I was able to have someone solder a replacement capacitor on the board (got lucky with a local electronics repair place). Same numbers on the capacitor is all you need, slightly different shape and colors made no difference.

Problem solved!

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Same here...tx for posting pointed me to the exact issue we are having as well.

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Looks like we have the same issue.  I don't actually have any PCI cards plugged into the riser on this server:  Can I just pull the riser card in question and fire it back up?

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I'm no expert but i think the riser needs to be installed for the server to boot.
It's a simple enough thing to test in any case :emotion-5:

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My Poweredge 2950, burned exactly the same piece.

The procedure to correct the problem was simple.
totally turned off the server, removed the power cable, removed the board and replace it with a new one.

This problem does not damage anything in the operating system or data, quickly managed to fix the problem and let the running server.

Thank you all.


Thanks, i found the same problem and changed the part. thanks for the debug

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Friend. I'm having a problem with my 2950 server is not connecting when I connect the cable to the source and give the power, the server does not turn on. The display does not appear any error. can you help me?

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