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PowerEdge III 2950 BIOS 2.5 upgrade question

Hello I am new to this forum. I recently got a Dell PowerEdge III 2950 server that is not booting from bootable USB or CD/DVD Rom drives. The boot sequence says that 1. SATA CD-ROM device Port B, 2. Embedded NIC 1 MBA v4.4.4 Slot 0500 and 3. Hard Drive C: Option 1 and 3 are check marked. The system BIOS is version 2.5.0. My questions are 1) Should I upgrade the BIOS ? 2) If so to what version I should upgrade to? 3) What else I can do to get the USB Port bootable ?  Currently its running Windows 2003 R2.

Thank you

Sansun S.

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RE: PowerEdge III 2950 BIOS 2.5 upgrade question

1. Yes, but it isn't necessary to do right now; upgrading the BIOS will not allow you to boot to USB.

2. When you update, update to the latest (2.7.0).

3. Boot to the BIOS Setup (F2), make sure USB is enabled with BIOS support (under Integrated Devices), power off, insert bootable USB, power on, boot to BIOS, move USB to the top of the boot sequence.

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