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PowerEdge R710 - BIOS & Firmware Update


Server not on internet and cannot be connected to internet as well. So an offline process is the only solution (LC cannot be used). But  the server is running VMware 5.5, not WIndows OS

What are the possible ways to update the BIOS and firmwares?

Is there an bootable ISO available same like IBM updatexpress which contains all the updates and can boot in to cd and perform the updates?

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RE: PowerEdge R710 - BIOS & Firmware Update

You found the utility you need - you put it in your list of tags.

Server Update Utility (SUU) contains all the firmware updates for Dell servers.  You need to first boot to SMTD/SBUU, choose Update Firmware, then insert the SUU DVD when prompted for the repository for the updates.

You can also use Repository Manager to create a bootable ISO with just the updates needed for your server.

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