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PowerEdge T420 will not boot

This server seems to not want to boot up at all. It was cleanly powered down and removed from AC power completely for about a week for some local maintenance in the room. I currently see the blue iDRAC light blinking, NIC lights blinking and the two PS lights are solid green. On the front control panel the i button is slow blinking blue, and the display panel is not lit up.

I've reseated the power cords and power supplies. I've also removed both and removed the BIOS Battery for a time to see if that helped. No Joy.

Every once in a while a fan will start for just a moment but then stop. There is a green light on the motherboard as usual.

Appreciate your help.

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Re: PowerEdge T420 will not boot

Hello N5JEP1,


I'm sorry to see the server does not complete POST and fails to boot.


For the flashing blue light - you can depress the iDRAC italic ' i button ' to return to normal state. Flashing  blue is just an identify state. When you press it, it may go to solid blue or a flashing amber.  Check for any error messages.


You have already done a flea power drain which is good. Since it still will no post you may need to bring it down to minimum to post components, confirm you get good POST and add parts back a little at a time until you find the faulting component.


For minimum to POST we want everything removed except these parts:


-System Board

-CPU1 with heat sink (minimum for troubleshooting)

-Single DIMM configuration with DIMM in socket A1

-Control Panel with cable (to power system on)

-PSU (and for redundant PSU also the PDB/PIB)



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