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Unable to ping BMC, iDRAC on R410.


I have 2 Poweredge R410's on a remote site, one with only BMC and the other with iDRAC6 Express.  After configuring the IP address etc on the both of them, I am unable to ping either of the IP's.

I have came across a few forum posts with people having the same issue and they mention it could be due to the management controller not being activated on the Broadcom NIC's.  Can these be activated using the Broadcom Utility commands without needing to reboot the servers ?  One post mentions running this command that I have copied in below.  I have not tried this yet in case it is incorrect.  

I am grateful for any help.

2. Find the path to the uxdiag executable (example)
> \Broadcom\DosUtils\Userdiag\NetXtremeII
3. Run the following command:
> uxdiag -t abcd ?mfw 1
4. After the command completes, the iDrac6 communication will become
> responsive to pings in approximately one minute..

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Re: Unable to ping BMC, iDRAC on R410.

I don't believe the management controller needs to be activated on the NIC's. This outside the typical activity of our NIC's.  What switches are your connected to? We  have seen switch configurations causing the secondary MAC to not be allowed.


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