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Upgrading PowerEdge R720 with PERC H800 and MD1220

I have a PowerEdge R720 (Service Tag <Service Tag removed>) running Windows Server 2008 with a PERC H800 that is connected to an MD1220.  I'm told by my IT that we will be forced to upgrade all of our servers to Windows Server 2016.  I am wondering if the PowerEdge R720 can be upgraded to Windows Server 2016, and if so whether that version of Windows will support the PERC H800 card.


Alternatively, I do have an R610 (Service Tag <Service Tag removed>) with Windows Server 2012 that I'm also going to have to upgrade to Windows Server 2016 .  If I the R720 will not be able to support the PERC H800 with the Windows upgrade, I am curious if this other server could support my hardware.


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Re: Upgrading PowerEdge R720 with PERC H800 and MD1220


The R610 is only validated to Server 2012 R2, but it probably will work with 2016. The R720 is validated for 2016. The H800 was only validated through server 2012 R2.


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