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memory failure

dear all, i have the following error message on the display of my PE2950 tag {{{Removed by Moderator}}}: PowerEdge 2950 E2111 SBE log disabled DMM1.

with the management tool I have the following informations:

Status Critical
Device Name DIMM1
Size 1024 MB
Speed 1.50 ns
Failures Single bit warning error rate exceeded
Single-bit failure error rate exceeded
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RE: memory failure


The issue you have is due to a memory error filling the log to the point of disabling future logging. What we need to do to troubleshoot this is to clear the logs in order to receive new errors. Then you'll need to power down the server and swap the dimm in DIMM1 with another matching dimm within the server. What this will do is cause the error to either follow the dimm from DIMM1 to the new location you swapped it to, or it will remain at DIMM1. If it follows the dimm, then the dimm is the issue. If it remains at the slot after swapping then it is identifying the slot on the motherboard itself as the cause.

To clear the logs you can either boot to CTRL-E Drac prompt and select logs and clear, or you can select Hardware log on your OpenManage management tool and then select Clear from the top.

Let me know what you see.. 

Chris Hawk

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