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Admin Password Resr


I have a Dell Poweredge T130. I setup the server and set the admin password. This server replaced a older poweredge. I set the password on the new server the same as the password on the old server. I went to check my backups last week and can not login into the new server. I am 99 percent sure i am using the correct password. I was 100 percent sure, but after trying for a hour, Im at a loss. I booted from the server 2016 cd to change the password. When i open a command prompt, I can not change the drive to D. The server is running a Raid 0 config. I have figured out that i need to load the raid driver. The server has a S130 Raid controller. I can not figure out how to load the Raid drivers. I have booted from a Hirens boot cd, but of course i don't have the Raid drivers.  Can somebody please help

Thank you

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Re: Admin Password Resr

Hi mate. Have you tried Auto Login? I mean in my Windows 10 I have removed Password to Autologin in Windows 10. Maybe it will help somehow.

To perform this action you have to change the preferences in Windows Settings. At least try it one and let me know.

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