Adding MD1000 to PowerEdge 2950

What I have:
PowerEdge 2950 w/ "NU947" controller, whatever that is (you can't pull up information on it via the Dell site).

What I want:
PowerVault MD1000 with 5x 500GB SATA drives and 10x 1TB SATA drives.  None of which should be running in RAID.  It should appear as 15 disks, as this is for a 1to1 mirror arrangement from 15 sources.  Zero SCSI drives.


Now I need to know what I need to buy.  I've been over all of the MD1000 manuals, and I've found nothing definitive that describes to me how the architecture should look.  My understanding of it is this:

The PE2950 server must have something described as an "external SAS controller," and this controller must then plug into the PERC/E card, which is internal to the MD1000.  Thus if the "NU947" above is incompatible, I need to purchase the MD1000, the PERC/E card that goes with it, and an additional card compatible with both the PE2950 and the PERC-MD1000 setup.  Is this correct? 


This means 4 components are required.  However, a 3 component architecture makes sense to me as well.  Namely, the PERC card goes in the PE2950, and then everything plugs into the MD1000 from there.  No additional SAS card is needed.

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Re: Adding MD1000 to PowerEdge 2950

If you do not want RAID, then you might want to look into the SAS 5 or 6/E. The PERC 5/E will only pass along the drives if they are setup in some sort of RAID config, even if that is single RAID 0's across each drive.


I think that "NU947" might be a Dell part number for a SCSI controller possibly.

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Re: Adding MD1000 to PowerEdge 2950

You will probally need a Perc 5/E or 6/E to control the md1000 . If you connect a SAS 5/E , you wont have any way to manage the disk .With the percs, you can create Raid arays (0-1-5-6-10-50) from the drives. The perc controller has 2 SAS ports on the card ., but to use if you only need one.

Perc 5/e

SAS Cable-

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