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Computer randomly crashing, freezing, turning off, and booting errors

Hello, up until 4 days ago, my Dell G5 PC was working fine. I experienced my computer freezing and turning off at random times. I'm not sure why this occurred as I have not installed programs or touched any sort of system files lately. Yesterday is when things really started to worry me... my computer got a blue screen error while I was working.


I immediately went to my DellSupportAssist and tried to download and update my drivers.

I was having quite a bit of trouble as I was getting error messages declaring I did not have sufficient privileges to update my drivers despite being an administrator and trying to run it as an admin. Also my computer would freeze throughout the installation of the drivers. Dell's updated drivers eventually installed but I still wanted to confirm my PC was stable so I contacted Dell support.

We ran a bunch of tests and even updated my BIOS system and they confirmed my computer and operating system showed no sign of errors. They declared that there were no hardware issues either. I thought everything was working perfectly. Until my computer froze again, 45 minutes after I got off the phone with them. 

When I tried to turn back on my PC, it would not budge. My computer would physically turn on...but nothing displayed on the screen and the blue light strip on the Dell G5 would not illuminate. I had never seen anything like this. It took me a total of 8 times to hard reset my computer for it to finally turn on.

I decided to run the full Windows Memory Diagnostic to see if it would detect any hardware issues. And of course, it did.... 

Hardware issues detectedHardware issues detectedResultResult

Now when I got on the phone with support this morning, they denied that this fell under hardware issues despite there clearly being hardware issues as detected. I have an extended warranty for my PC and am pretty frustrated by the fact that they're denying me further service because according to them "we don't cover software related services". It seems to me that they don't find this Windows tool to be reliable information. I'm still pretty confused by the wholething because it clearly says theres a hardware issue and my warranty covers hardware issues.

This morning, as I was on the phone with support attempting to check my drivers on SupportAssist, my computer had another Blue screen of death:


Their ultimatum is that they want me to re-install windows. But I'm not convinced as it says that this is a hardware issue. 

I'm really trying to avoid having to re-install windows as I have already had to once before and it was a pain. I have alot of installed programs and it would really be difficult to have to re-install all of them. Can anybody help me further with this? 

Just to let you know, my computer works fine when it doesn't crash and freeze. I'm using it right now to type this. It's just a major inconvenience when I am working on a project and I have the fear of my PC freezing as well as having to turn on my computer 8 times. 

Please someone help me!


Thank you!


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