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PCI Bluetooth Adapter and BT Mouse, remote wake issues.

My system is a Precision 3630 Tower and running Windows 10. I have a PCI Bluetooth adapter (i.e. not USB) and although I have turned on "allow to wake from sleep" on the mouse and anywhere else I can find a Power Management Tab related to the mouse, and ensured hibernate is disabled... my BT mouse will not wake my computer from sleep.  I would also like to use the BT Mouse when accessing the BIOS on boot.

I have a Logitech keyboard and mouse with Unifying USB receiver and they both work fine with remote wake and they both work in the BIOS.  However they are on their last legs and since my system came with the BT adapter (PCI) I firstly purchased a replacement BT Mouse... but having the above issues.  I am assuming I will have the same problems (no remote wake, doesn't work in BIOS) with a BT keyboard so holding off on that till I know what's going on..

I am assuming that my problem is related to the fact that the BT adapter is PCI rather than USB. Does anyone know if there is any way of getting the remote wake and BIOS editing to work with my BT mouse/PCI BT adapter?

Any advice would be appreciated, thank you.



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