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driver pack page doesn't specify between different 3660 form factors

Typically we download our WDS driver packs all from the same Dell page at

For the Precision 3660 on the Precision page,

there is only one for 'Precision 3660 Tower'

Is this single driver pack good for *any* 3660 form factor (eg full size tower, workstation, mini tower, etc)?

Typically Dell will have different packs for different form factors if applicable. This can matter if the drivers are not identical, but more importantly, for the WDS model name. (eg if I try to import out of box drivers for say, a dell box that returns a wmic model of 'Precision 3660', which we have right now, a desktop - when they're really for 'Precision 3660 Tower' - they will fail to deploy). 

Thanks very much. I wasn't sure which forum to post this to, since it seems like a web site issue. : ) 





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anyone? Usually the Dell forum techs are quick to respond. Thanks!


How many of different form factors, sizes do you own?  As far as I could tell from Dell documentations, there is only one tower size for 3660.

I am just a member in this user to user forum, not working for Dell.

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so far only the one here - but you see what I'm saying. : ) Either the drivers will be good for every variant of that model (if there are any), or they won't. 


@Chino de Oro is spot on. The 3660 comes in one form factor and that is a tower. Possibly a matter of semantics since many people use the term desktop to include any model not a laptop. The drivers are for the 3660 tower and the 3660XE. Can you post a picture of the model in question just to be sure we are talking about the correct system?

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