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problem with RAM memory on T5500


I just got a T5500 from a friend with single cpu xeon x5660 and I want to upgrade the ram memory but getting some errors.

It has a 4GB in slot 5 and 8GB in slot 1. Bios returns error "alert! memory failure detected in dimm 1" Computer detects 12GB but windows gets only 4GB usable.

Got a brand new memory of 8GB non ECC ddr3 1333, installed in slot 1 - bios error: "non ecc dimms are not supported on this system"

Dell documentation says that it supports ecc and non-ecc memory. Dunno many about workstations, I am just trying to make it work with non if possible.

Saw multiple forum posts with configurations, one of them says that I need 8 gb on each slot to make it work.. dunno what to belive

How can be done?