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Intel AC-7260 in my Precision M6800, wireless connection works but Bluetooth transfer fails

When I troubleshoot, the drivers for Bluetooth Hands Free Audio, Bluetooth L2CAP Interface and Bluetooth Remote Control ALL fail.   I downloaded the cards software package and the appropriate Bluetooth driver package from the Intel website for my Windows 7Pro 64-bit system.

I can recognize other Bluetooth devices, the devices attempt to pair after showing the verification code on each device (I click to accept), then it attempts to transfer... but I get a message that the device has been successfully added on the recipient laptop and transmitting laptop, but then the transmitting laptop displays a message "bluetooth file transfer not competed" ,  Windows was unable to transmit some files.  A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not respond after a period of time or established connection failed because connected host has failed to respond.  Try again, click back arrow.

There is no back arrow.
I did accept the transmission by verifying the code on each laptop in a timely manner (laptops are 3' from each other so I easily saw the pop up message and accepted the code on each being the same code).

As I mentioned, when I go to Control Panel/ devices & printers and right click on the laptop icon (for the transmitting laptop that has the Intel AC-7260 card in it), I run the Troubleshooter and it attempts to load the drivers for the Audio, L2CAP Interface and remote controller... but says failed for each.

I read on the internet that there is a problem if Windows updates KB3161608 and KB3172605 have been installed.  I checked, I only had KB3161608 and I removed that one and blocked (hid) it so it couldn't install again.  Problem still exists.

Any suggested.  I don't want to have to go to a bluetooth dongle thing... especially after I spent money for this Intel card.  If I have to spend more money, I'd rather find a card that is compatible with the M6800 (the Dell website says it is though).  Any suggestions on a different card (without breaking the bank)?

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DELL-Alasdair R

Re: Intel AC-7260 in my Precision M6800, wireless connection works but Bluetooth transfer fails


Hi vfw,

The 7260 is validated for the M6800 so it's not a compatibility issue. Can you try removing the installed Intel driver/software and installing the Dell ones instead?

http://www.dell.com/support/home/us/en/04/product-support/product/precision-m6800-workstation/driver... (they are listed under Network)

If you get the same issues, is it possible to try the card in your other system and see if you get the same errors or not? 

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