3115cn Scan to Computer

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3115cn Scan to Computer

  1. Log into the web admin page at http://IP_ADDRESS
  2. Navigate to Address Book
  3. Select the Server Address tab
  4. Click on Create or Confirm / Change
  5. Enter the following information
    • Name - This is the label that users will see on the device
    • Server Type - Select SMB
    • Server Address- Enter either the name of the server or the IP address .
      • DO NOT enter any slashes or back-slashes
      • e.g. myserver or
    • Server Port Number - Enter port 139 for SMB
    • Login Name- Enter a username with write access to the share.
      • Enter the name in domain\username form
    • Login Password- Enter the password for this user.
      • The password is entered behind a mask of dots and is stored in the device, however not even the dots appear after you save the page.
      • Subsequent changes to the page do not require re-entering the password
    • Share Name- Enter the name of the share as a single word.
      • DO NOT enter any slashes or back-slashes
      • e.g. myshare or admin_dept.
    • Server Path- Enter the path to the folder on the share if you are not scanning directly to the root of the share.



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